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Dr. Jennifer Smith for State Senate - District 50

Midwest born and raised, Jennifer Smith is familiar with our values and believes that we need to work together in order to help our community thrive.


Jennifer was born in Madison, Wisconsin, lived three years on Whiteman AFB in Missouri, eight years in Kansas City, Kansas, and graduated from Normal Community High School in Bloomington, Illinois. For the past eleven years her roots have been in Dubuque, Iowa, and teaching Economics at a local college. Her values are based in being self-sufficient while reaching out to help your neighbor. Both grandfathers served in WW II with the Navy and her father is retired Air Force. Her deep interest in History was cultivated at the family dinner table because of the history and stories she learned there.

Jennifer earned a BS degree in Mathematics and a Masters Degree in Economics from Illinois State University. After working for an insurance company as an Actuarial Research Analyst and tutoring at a local community college, she returned to Northern Illinois University to earn a Ph.D. in Economics. Choosing to teach at a smaller college allows her the opportunity to get to know her students and give them the attention she believes they deserve. Jennifer plans to give that same level of attention to the residents of District 50!

Improving the environment in a community has been a motivating force for Jennifer, and she has been actively involved in working toward those improvements. On the college campus, Jennifer has served on the Benefits, Curriculum, Assessment, and Retention Committees while serving as Faculty Advisor to College Republicans and Young Americans for Liberty. Having a firm foundation has been the basis of her being a member of Grandview Methodist Church and as a member serving on the hospitality, bells, safety teams, and the David Ramsey Financial Services.

Shortly after moving to Dubuque, Jennifer attended her first Republican Caucus in 2010 and has been actively involved with the Republican Party since then. She became co-chair of Dubuque Republican Party in January 2013 and Chair of Dubuque Republican Party in May 2014 to January 2019 when she stepped aside to encourage new leadership and ideas. Jennifer was elected to fill a vacancy on Iowa State Central Committee in the fall of 2015 to present. She is currently Chair of the Organization Committee that has led changes to streamline operations and more transparency at the Republican Party of Iowa.

Dr. Smith is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. She is a licensed Conceal and Carry person, and is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer to help individuals learn how to handle weapons respectfully and responsibly. Being a member of the Board of Directors at Izaak Walton League of America conservation organization and the Shot Tower Board keeps her current on any changes or challenges that occur for responsible licensed gun owners and conservation efforts.

Jennifer came to Dubuque not knowing anyone and leaving her support system several hundred miles away. What resulted was discovering a community and state that completely embraced her with acceptance and love. In fact, Jennifer did such a good job of telling the benefits of living in Dubuque, Iowa, that her parents moved to Dubuque two years ago and agree that it is a truly wonderful community.

Let us all work with Jennifer and make her the next State Senator and show that Dubuque, Iowa, truly is the “Master Piece of the Mississippi”!



In order to keep maintain our workforce, we need to improve the quality of jobs available to our young people. By providing incentives to companies and small businesses to make their home here, we will retain talent and invite new families into our neighborhoods.


As an educator myself, I am deeply concerned with the condition of our youth and their schools. They are not being given the tools they need to be successful, self-sufficient adults. It’s time to change the way we teach our kids, through opportunities like trade schools and revamped education.


Our shared values hold us together. The importance of protecting life at all stages and the ability to defend one’s home and family are essential to our foundation, but they must be protected at every turn. I am dedicated to standing up for your rights and the lives of the unborn.


Join the movement to elect Jennifer to the Iowa State Senate. Joining the team to volunteer ensures our victory in 2020.

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